Air Pollution: Be careful with air pollution, you will get paralyzed quickly

Air pollution is increasing. Due to increase in vehicular traffic and increase in the number of industries, both air and water have become polluted. Human bodies are also severely affected by breathing such air. Air pollution is increasing the risk of paralysis. In fact, obesity, poor nutrition, smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, mental anxiety and depression are said to be the causes of paralysis. But now, along with these, air pollution is also the reason. A new study says that the risk of stroke is increased by 30 percent due to air pollution. 

University of Jordan researchers have found a link between air pollution and stroke. They examined the results of nearly a hundred studies conducted worldwide. Based on that research, it has been confirmed that air pollution is seriously affecting human health. Many people know that air pollution can damage the lungs and eyes. But air pollution can also damage the brain. It also damages the heart and blood vessel system. This makes the human body more sick. 

Studies say that the risk of paralysis depends on the chemicals in the polluted air inhaled. High levels of nitrogen dioxide in inhaled air increase the risk of stroke by 30 percent. Carbon monoxide levels in the same breath increase the risk of stroke by 26 percent. Also, there is a 15 percent risk of paralysis if you breathe too much air containing sulfur dioxide. The risk of death from paralysis is 60 percent higher with sulfur dioxide. 33 percent higher due to the same nitrogen dioxide. Inhalation of a black substance like snot in the air causes swelling in the lungs. This reduces immunity. So the chance of paralysis increases. Air pollution is not just paralysis, it can cause many problems. Try to stay away from air pollution. People who are close to industries are more prone to paralysis. So they should be very careful. 

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