Using Phone At Bathroom: You can’t hear if you say no to the phone in the bathroom, see how many people are sick now – if you see these signs, beware!

Many people have a habit of taking their phone to the bathroom. They spend hours and hours sitting on the commode scrolling the phone and watching some videos. But experts warn that this work can cause you some serious health problems. Gastroenterologist Dr. Saurabh Sethi posted a video on social media explaining the dangers of looking at a phone while going to have a bowel movement. He revealed that doing so puts a lot of pressure on the penis and anus. This can lead to problems such as hemorrhoids (piles) and constipation.

According to the NHS, these can cause problems without any symptoms. Blood vessels near the anus enlarge and form clots. They are called piles or hemorrhoids. Causes severe discomfort and pain during defecation. In some cases there is pain, itching and swelling. It is necessary to take necessary treatment to reduce it. Piles sometimes cause bleeding. Prolapse is the most serious health problem caused by prolonged sitting on the loo, experts warn. It occurs when the rectum slips into the anus. It is better not to take the phone with you to the bathroom. Not only this, the toilet seat is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Several studies have already shown that a smartphone is dirtier than a public toilet seat. According to NordVPN’s study, six out of 10 people take their phone to the washroom. Most of them are young people. 61.6% of the participants in this study admitted that they check social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram while sitting on the toilet seat. Others say that they think of some problems related to their life and its solution sitting on the toilet seat. A study has shown that 10 times more bacteria are found on our smart phones than on toilet seats which can have a bad effect on our health. So it is better not to take these with you while sitting there. Some people try to change this habit but it is not possible. If you have to carry it in the wrong situation, don’t forget to sanitize the phone after coming out of the bathroom. >

☀ Pain around the anus

☀ Swelling of the anus, itching

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