Sister swallowed mobile phone after quarrel with brother, took it out with difficulty after two hours of surgery

You must have heard and seen many news of mobile phones exploding. But, a strange case has come to light from Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh regarding the phone. Actually, during the quarrel between brother and sister in the district, the sister swallowed the whole mobile in anger. Immediately after this happened, the girl was admitted to the hospital, where a team of 6 doctors safely took out the phone from her stomach after about two hours of emergency surgery.

what was the whole matter

According to the news of MP Girl swallows mobile during fight with brother, this whole matter is of Friday last week. On April 5, a dispute broke out between a brother and a sister over some issue in Amayan area of ​​Bhind district. This quarrel escalated to such an extent that sister Annu got angry and swallowed the mobile kept nearby.

After this, when his stomach ached, the family members came to know and took him to JAH in Gwalior. Even the doctors were surprised to see the matter. After this, other investigations including ultrasound, X-ray and CT scan of the girl were started and finally the decision of operation was taken. in the hospital A team was formed and the mobile was taken out after a hard operation of more than two hours.

Such a case came in eight decades

According to the report, doctors say that no such case has come to light in eight decades since the inception of JAH. It was a difficult operation. But, the girl was admitted in time, which saved her life.

Doctors say that the phone could not be removed safely by endoscopy or laparoscopy as the phone was in the upper part. So surgery was decided. The operation was very risky but it was successful. The girl is now healthy.

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