Mobile network of 22 crore people may disappear! You too are not going to be a victim!

Vodafone Idea: Vodafone-Idea customers may face network problems in the coming time. Actually, Indus Towers may stop supporting the company. VI is the main customer of Indus Towers and the company’s network works on it. 3 out of every 5 calls made in India are made through Indus Towers and the company’s network is spread all over India. Meanwhile, Indus has told TRAI that the company may stop providing network support to VI as Vodafone Idea has not paid the loan. Indus Towers said that VI has to pay Rs 7,864.5 crore to the company including interest but the company is continuously failing to do so. Because of this, Indus may stop providing network support to VI.

Direct impact on 22 crore people 

Indus told TRAI that if VI does not make the payment then the company can approach the court and can also stop the telecom services so that the company does not incur further losses. With this, people can access the network from their mobiles. VI has more than 22 crore customers in India, which has been continuously decreasing in the last few years. Because the company is continuously incurring losses, it may cause trouble to the common people in the future.

 Let us tell you, Indus Towers provides infrastructure to other telecom operators including VI, with the help of which the networks of telecom companies are available across the country. VI is the main customer of Indus. In such a situation, if the company does not make the payment on time, then Indus may suffer a lot of loss and the company’s services may be affected.

Will 5G be launched or not?

Nothing can be said officially on VI’s 5G launch yet because the company is continuously going through losses. Earlier it was being said that the company can launch 5G in some main cities by the end of this year, but now nothing like this seems to be happening.

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