Mehendi: Do you know the health benefits of henna for women?

Once upon a time gourds were plucked from the plant and rubbed at home. While grinding it, the hand would become dry. Now Mehndi is available outside. But many chemicals are added to it. These chemicals are added to produce more red in a shorter time. So it is better to choose gourd among mehndi and gourd. There are many health benefits of gourd, which leaves are rubbed by hand for women.

Gourd does not ripen the same for everyone, its color changes depending on their body type. For those who have excess heat in their body, henna ripens red. Some studies show that hormonal imbalance problems are reduced in women who consume gourd regularly. Hormonal imbalance causes many health problems. It is said that if such women wear gourd often, their hormones will work well. Also researchers explain that gourd can check some types of health problems. However, it is explained that gourd should be grown in summer only. It is said that there is a risk of some types of infections due to putting gourd after the weather is cold. But the gourd that is kept near the house is good in all seasons.

Many people want the gourd to grow red. Such people should not wash the gourd with water after taking it out. Massage with coconut oil. Leave it like that for a while. Due to this, the color of the gourd becomes dark. It is also good to add some lemon juice while grinding the gourd. Hands should be washed clean before putting gourd. Do not wash with soap. Just wash it off with normal water. In order for the gourd to grow well, they used to burn cloves and steam the smoke on their hands. By doing this, it was believed that the henna would grow redder.  It is good to give gourd to small children. Add chemicals  Mehendi should not be applied. Children should not eat rice with mehendi hands. The chemicals in it are blown away layer by layer. They are likely to enter the stomach. That is why you should use ground gourd with leaves.

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