If you buy a new phone in the sale in this manner, you will get the maximum benefit, it is best to upgrade now.

Smartphone Upgrade: The month of October has started and after just a few days the festival sale is going to start on all the major e-commerce websites. In such a situation, if you are thinking of upgrading from an old to a new phone, then in this article we are telling you a method through which you will be able to get a new phone at the best value. ‘Great Indian Festival Sale’ is going to start on Amazon from 8th October. Similarly, on Flipkart also the sale named Big Billion Day will be live from October 8. People who have Prime and Plus membership will be able to enjoy the sale 24 hours in advance. In the sale, you will get huge discounts on items like beauty products, home appliances, smartphones, electronics, fashion etc. 

In this way you will get maximum benefit

If you want to get a new phone in the sale at the best value, then for this you should sell your old phone in time. You can sell your old phone to a friend or sell it on Cashify website. This will mean that you will get the best value of the phone even before the sale. Actually, what happens during the sale is that when you exchange the smartphone on the website, its value becomes less than before because everyone takes advantage of the exchange offer during this time. In such a situation, to get the best value of the mobile phone, you should sell it a few days before the start of the sale. If you are selling the phone on Cashify, then you can also take gift voucher of Amazon or Flipkart in which you get a separate benefit of Rs 10 to 50. You can redeem this voucher while getting a new phone.

Take advantage of bank offers also

After selling the phone, when the sale starts, you can buy your favorite phone. During this time, apply gift voucher of Amazon or Flipkart and also avail the benefit of bank card to book the phone for yourself at a cheap price. If you upgrade your smartphone in this way, you will definitely get a new phone at the best value. 

Note, it is not necessary that you follow this method. If you want, you can also check the exchange value of your old phone directly on the e-commerce website. If the value is good then you can directly exchange the new phone.

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