How did Eknath Shinde’s plan to visit Ramlala suddenly in Ayodhya? Read exclusive conversation with NBT

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Mumbai: Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, who went to Ayodhya for the first time with his entire cabinet, had a special conversation with Navbharat Times during this period. He said that he considers himself the rightful successor of Balasaheb Thackeray and will fulfill his dream only. In this conversation, Shinde also made it clear that at present there is no possibility of the two factions of Shiv Sena uniting. We are following the ideology of Hindutva, our ideology is completely different from theirs. Shinde spoke to NBT’s Manish Srivastava on a range of issues:

1) How suddenly the program of Ramlala’s darshan was made in Ayodhya?
I have come to Ayodhya many times before, but this is the first time after we got the bow and arrow election symbol and became the CM. Balasaheb’s dream seems to be getting fulfilled.

2) What is the significance of NCP chief Sharad Pawar’s statement regarding the Hindenburg Report?
If Sharad Pawar ji has said something, he must have said it after thinking carefully. I believe that industry should be set up. If an agency like Hindenburg raises any question, it should be investigated. The Supreme Court is thoroughly investigating the Adani case, but it is not right to target any one on the basis of the report alone.

3) Is there any possibility of alliance with Sharad Pawar?
Nothing should be attached to his statement.

4) Is there any possibility that both the factions of Shiv Sena will unite again?
There is no such possibility. We are moving forward with the ideology of Hindutva and their ideology is different. In 2019, we had a natural alliance with the Hindutva like-minded BJP and they broke it and formed a government with those who were opposing the construction of the Ram temple.

5) It is also speculated that if there is a contrary decision of the Supreme Court regarding the MLAs, then there will be a lot of change in Maharashtra?

Whatever the court will say, it will be within the purview of the constitution and democracy. We will respect every order of the Supreme Court.

6) With whom is the core cadre of Shiv Sena?
Shiv Sena workers know who is going to work and who stands by them in times of crisis. The entire cadre of Shiv Sena is with us.