Disney followed Netflix’s trick, now sharing password will be expensive, know what will be the impact in India

Disney- Netflix : Disney Hotstar has now followed the path of Netflix. Till now you could share Disney’s password with anyone, but now this will not happen. Like Netflix, Disney has also changed its policy. 
In July this year, Netflix had banned Indian users from sharing their passwords outside their home. Now Disney is also following the path of Netflix. Disney+ has asked users in Canada not to share their passwords outside their home. Disney+ has stopped password sharing for users.

Starting November 1, users in Canada will not be able to share their passwords outside their home. Disney+ has given this information to its customers through email. According to a report, the email reads, “We’re restricting sharing of your account or login credentials outside your household.” Apart from this, it is also written in the company’s updated help center, “You cannot share your membership outside your household.”

What will happen if the users do not agree

The accounts of the users are being limited. The company has said that the account will be analyzed for this. If the company finds that the user is not following these rules, then it will terminate his account.

Will Indians be affected?

At present this rule has been implemented in Canada. In such a situation, no information has been received yet about its implementation in India. But it is believed that Disney will soon stop password sharing in other countries also.

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