Apple: Shouldn’t we eat apples at night? What happens if you eat it?

It is said that eating an apple a day does not require a visit to the doctor. Because eating apples is very good for the body. All the nutrients our body needs are abundant in apples. Both children and adults… need to eat an apple every day. We should also make it a part of the foods we eat. Doctors say that these fruits are a complete food. There are people who eat apples whenever they fall. But doctors say to eat less at night. Especially those suffering from digestive problems like indigestion and constipation should not eat apple fruit at night. Eating apples does not digest properly at night. This causes more problems. Apple fruit interferes with digestive system functions. So you can eat them at any time except at night. 

Apple that increases constipation and gastric problems if eaten at night… But if eaten in the morning, it reduces those problems. It is rich in fiber. It checks digestive problems. Those who want to lose weight should also make it a habit to eat apples daily. Eating these fruits will give you a feeling of fullness quickly. So the consumption of other foods is reduced. That way you can lose weight in a healthy way. Also, people with diabetes should make it a habit to eat apple every day. No matter how many apples you eat, blood sugar levels are under control. This keeps diabetes under control. People suffering from anemia should also make it a habit to eat apple fruits. Eating these fruits increases blood production. Anemia problem is reduced. So women and children should definitely eat apple fruit every day. 

Apple fruits are very good for heart health. Prevents heart attack. Cholesterol levels are controlled by apples. So the chance of  heart attack is reduced. When not in good health, there is no better food than an apple. If you eat two fruits a day when you have a fever, you will recover quickly from the fever. The body is strong without fatigue. Make it a habit to eat an apple for breakfast. Also, give an hour gap after having lunch and eat apple fruit. The skin of those who eat these fruits daily also gets glowing. Apples should be stopped after evening. There is a possibility of digestive problems and gas problems. Because the digestive system works slowly as the night progresses. 

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