Alert: Government issued warning for Google Chrome users, know here what you should not do

Alert: For the past several years, some problem or the other has been coming to light in Google Chrome, now the Computer Emergency Response Team has once again issued a warning to millions of users around the world regarding Google Chrome. Is. In this alert, CERT-in has said that the security of users’ data and system can be breached through Google Chrome.

If you are also using Google Chrome indiscriminately, then now you have to You should be careful, because this will cause your system to hang and your personal data can also be stolen. Let’s know the details about this alert.

Google Chrome Theart

According to CERT-In advice, Google Chrome needs to prevent malware and other viruses. Many problems have been seen in this matter, through Chrome, hackers can insert arbitrary code in your system and can capture important data along with your personal information by hanging your system.

By CERT-In. The identified vulnerabilities originated from a variety of sources, including heap buffer overflow errors in WebP, improper implementations in custom tabs, prompts, inputs, intents, picture-in-picture, and interstitials, as well as inadequate policy enforcement in downloads and autofill. Cyber ​​attackers can exploit these vulnerabilities by convincing unsuspecting users to visit specially crafted websites designed to exploit these security vulnerabilities.

How to protect yourself System safe

According to CERT-In, it is advised to update Google Chrome as soon as possible to keep your data and system safe, CERT-In said It has been said that, whenever you update your Google Chrome, update it only by visiting the release blog of Google Chrome. By doing this, not only will your system be secure, you will also be safe from cyber attacks.

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